Here is all you have to do to get credit toward your purchase of an Ella Vickers bag.

1. Package your sail/sails, please mail them to 2035 Eastwood Road STE B, Wilmington, NC 28403. You will receive a credit towards your purchase for all shipping expenses.

2. Upon receipt of your sails, we will send you a credit memo that you can use on our web site to purchase whatever you'd like. You will receive $1 per lb, with a minimum credit of $20 when you send in:

       1. Dacron Sails
       2. Spinnaker Sails
       3. Tanbark Sails
       4. Windsurf Sails

If your sails are dry rotted, we cannot use them. We only reimburse you for usable fabric. If you have any questions, please call Charlotte at (910) 350-8878
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